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Henry T. Horn’s Horn – 1779

This horn is beautifully carved with the owner’s name and date of 1779 within a large carved border of a scalloped design. It also has a wonderful large maze and near it, a sailing ship or sloop. Also carved is … Continue reading

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English Officers Pistol – French & Indian War period, by GRIFFIN

This pistol was made by Griffin of London and is of the 1750’s period. The 8″ barrel has  Griffin’s  name and proof mark plus 2 English proofs.  The brass furniture is engraved with a floral pattern on the butt cap and a snowflake pattern on the trigger … Continue reading

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The Jacob Kugler Horn – Rev. War

The Jacob Kugler horn has some nice carving and lettering, exhibiting a nice untouched patina with a light amber color. It looks like there was more carving below the name, possibly a place and date, but it was on the … Continue reading

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Large Fort Horn – F & I War

This horn displays many carvings consisting of a large fort with several cannons within the walled structure. There are also several large buildings with tall spires which could be the owners rendition of the Temple of Soloman.  Also on the … Continue reading

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The Thomas White Horn – 1759 – 1760

This beautiful horn is boldly carved ” Thomas White His Horn ” with two dates, 1759 and 1760. The color is a pleasing light amber and it also has nice carving around the butt end consisting of pin pricked designs … Continue reading

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Pointed Tree Carver/Artist Horn

This horn was carved by the “Pointed Tree Carver” who’s trademark is the trees with their unique pointed tops. He also always incorporated the hunter shooting at a deer with dogs chasing and a plant growing from a pot or … Continue reading

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Early Flintlock Trade Pistol = F&I War Period

This early pistol has a .65 bore diameter a 10.5″ octagonal-to-round barrel with integral rear sight fixed to the tang. It also has a blade front sight, early style curved beveled lock plate with beveled hammer a rounded pan and frizzen … Continue reading

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Early Raised Carved Horn – 17th or 18th Century

This horn is intricately carved in a raised, sculpted manner, showing a turtle, a serpent wrapping around the base, and what appears to be a building or temple of some sort. The pouring spout of the horn reveals a long … Continue reading

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Wakizashi – Bishu Osafune Norimitsu – Bizen, Muromachi Period

This is a beautiful sword with a nice curve and a 22 inch cutting edge. The tang is uncut and contains the signature ” Bishu Osafune Norimitsu ” . It is in old  polish but very clean and displays all … Continue reading

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French Flintlock pistol by J. Penel Farnes, Ca. 1760

This nice pistol has a .40 cal., 4″ octagonal-to-round cannon-style screw barrel with rifling. Lock engraved with the name J. Penel Farnes. Iron triggerguard with nice finial, walnut stock with raised carving behind tang. Condition: Barrel has a nice brown patina. … Continue reading

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