The powder horn was the companion to every musket and rifle in early America. Carried by huntsman, soldier and explorer alike, the powder horn is an original American art form. They would vary from crude carvings to elegant scrimshaw, depicting scenes from nature, maps, battles, verse and history.

The horns displayed on this site are from the private collection of Rich Nardi as well as all of the other items displayed here. Rich has been fascinated by colonial American antiques since childhood, and has been collecting now for over 40 years.

Rich also has researched many of the pieces in his collection; through books, public records, contact from descendants and even the US Congress. From powder horns to Kentucky rifles to swords – This collection represents the birth of a nation and the people who made it happen. The Japanese swords displayed on the site represent a whole different art form and a history that dates back several hundred years. Readers are invited to share their comments and information that they might have as well.

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