Alphabet Horn signed and dated 1774

This is a small to medium size horn which was probably used for a rifle which took a smaller charge than a musket. The horn has never been cleaned and it is owner  carved. The carving consists of the alphabet which runs across the length of the horn in two lines. There are two names inscribed, one, Peter Himepoc his horn and the other, Catha Himepoc. The date is 1774 and before that is “Lort” which probably is meant to refer to “year of our Lord ” 1774.  There is a hunter shooting at a deer, another deer ( buck ), a dog near the hunter and a Native American smoking two pipes. All of the carving is randomly placed about the horn and primitive/folky in appearance. There’s a nice scalloped border near the neck and a domed wood plug held in with wooden pegs. The original stopper is still with the horn. It measures 10 inches along the curve or 9 inches butt to tip.



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