About Rich

Rich has always been keenly interested in American history and early frontier woodsmen like Daniel Boone, Robert Rogers, Daniel Morgan and many others. His real interests are the French and Indian War period and the American Revolution, including the leaders and various weapons of the period. He began collecting in the early 1970’s while raising his family, going to college at night and working for a large Technology Company. As time went on and his career grew, he was able to acquire more pieces and expand his interests to the collecting and study of Japanese swords and accessories. Now he is retired and continues to expand his collection and knowledge of the items he collects. Much time is needed on the Japanese items for study and learning the Kanji, sword maker history, etc. Rich will continue to update this web site and add new items and information. He hopes that people around the world can view his collection and offer information, constructive criticism , history or whatever comes to mind. Thanks for looking and by all means if you have an item you want information on or to share with others, contact Rich.