The John Call Horn – March 21, 1759

Lake George School Powder Horn

John Call – March 21, 1759

This is a beautiful horn which was found in an attic in Hamilton, Ohio years ago. It demonstrates the artwork of a Lake George School horner, from the French & Indian War period. It is signed “JOHN CALL  HIS HORN ♦ WOODSTOCK MARCH 21 1759”. Above his name is a two line verse, “I POWDER WITH MY BROTHER BALL A HERO LIKE DO CONQUER ALL”. There is a nice deep zigzag border design separating the verse from the name section. There are also numerous faces, symbols, and flowery vines carved on the horn. The wood base is secured by wooden pegs and an iron staple is at the base of the horn for the attachment of a carrying strap. It has a nice dark yellow color, recessed neck, and it still retains the horn plug. It is 13.5 inches in length and in excellent condition.

Records show that John Call was born in Oxford, Mass. on April 16, 1739. He moved to  Woodstock Connecticut, Windham County in the 1750’s. He fought in the French and Indian War at the Battle of Quebec in 1759 and in the summer of 1762, he carted supplies from Albany to the head of Lake George. The supplies were going to the British garrison at Ticonderoga. John married Lucy Chaffee in Woodstock, Ct., Jan. 1, 1761. John and Lucy moved to Colrain, Mass. in 1765 with two children. The calls had 10 more children while in Colrain. During the American Revolution, John enlisted in the Continental Army shortly after the Battle of Bennington and served from 1777 until 1783. His son John Jr., also served in the Revolution. Many of their war records are available to view. John also kept a record book of his exploits from 1762 until his death, April 14, 1808, in Colrian, Mass.

While researching John’s genealogy, I found that he was the Great Great Great Grandfather to Walt Disney;

Walter Elias Disney – Dec. 5, 1901 – Dec. 15, 1966

Flora Call ( Mother ) – Apr. 22, 1868 – Nov. 26, 1938

Charles Call ( Grandfather ) – Mar. 22, 1822 – Jan. 6, 1890

Eber Call ( Great Grandfather ) – 1791 – Dec. 28, 1864

John Call Jr. ( Great Great Grandfather ) – Oct. 16, 1761 – Jun. 14, 1831

John Call ( Great Great Great Grandfather ) – Apr. 16, 1739 – Apr. 14, 1808.


John Call's Powder Horn

John Call’s Horn from 1759 is a prime example of the carving style popular in the Lake George, NY area of the period.

John Call's Horn from 1759

It has a nice dark yellow color, recessed neck and it still retains the horn plug.

John Call's Horn from 1759

It is 13.5 inches in length and in excellent condition.

John Call's Horn from 1759


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