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American Fredericksburg Gunnery Musket – Dated 1776

The Fredericksburg Gunnery – est. 1775 The Fredericksburg Gunnery was established by the Virginia Convention of Delegates in 1775 to produce firearms for the American Revolution. Of the five counselors appointed to oversee the gunnery, Colonel Fielding Lewis and Major … Continue reading

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The John Call Horn – March 21, 1759

Lake George School Powder Horn John Call – March 21, 1759 This is a beautiful horn which was found in an attic in Hamilton, Ohio years ago. It demonstrates the artwork of a Lake George School horner, from the French … Continue reading

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Henry Thorn’s Horn – 1779

This horn is beautifully carved with the owner’s name and date written in block letters within a large carved border of a scalloped design.                                  … Continue reading

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