Pointed Tree Carver/Artist Horn

This horn was carved by the “Pointed Tree Carver” who’s trademark is the trees with their unique pointed tops. He also always incorporated the hunter shooting at a deer with dogs chasing and a plant growing from a pot or urn where the name of the horn owner would be carved. There are over 50 horns known to exist today that were carved by him. There is a good example of his work in Jim Dresslar’s book entitled ” The Engraved Powder Horn ” on page 22. This link http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/13315/lot/2627/  will also show another of the Pointed Tree Carver’s horns that sold at Bonhams auction in 2005.  The horn in my collection, pictured here,  has a large British Coat of Arms in the center with a large potted plant where an owners name would have been carved  and a house, along with the hunter scene and several of his “signature ” trees. The horn is 12.5 inches long and has a very nice dark brown, untouched patina. The wood base is held in place with wooden pegs and has an iron loop in the center for the carrying strap. This horn would date to the French and Indian War period. Following are details of the horn and closeups of the unique pointed tree carver features.


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