Large Fort Horn – F & I War


This horn displays many carvings consisting of a large fort with several cannons within the walled structure. There are also several large buildings with tall spires which could be the owners rendition of the Temple of Soloman.  Also on the horn there are circles with an 8 pointed star within, a circle with a pin wheel design, a face within a circle and a star of David. The base edge is engrailed and has triangular geometric designs around the base. The neck is also engrailed with circular geometric designs. The entire horn has a deep amber color,  displaying a nice aged patina. The horn was worn on the right side and shows a good deal of wear on the reverse side. 

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  1. Lions2013 says:

    dear sir I have a powderhorn that my father left me and was wondering if i sent a few pictures if you could tell me about it. there is a date inscribed of 1762. I don’t know much about it except it’s been in the family for a lot of years.

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