Henry Thorn’s Horn – 1779

This horn is beautifully carved with the owner’s name and date written in block letters within a large carved border of a scalloped design.                                                                        It reads; HENRY # THORN’S HORN #1779. It also has a wonderful large labyrinth carved near the base on the obverse side and near it, a sailing ship or sloop. Also carved is a fort showing the walls and a soldier raising a sword, another soldier raising a flag and another one taking aim with his flintlock musket,  at a bird in a tree, with a squirrel running near it. The base of the horn is carved all around with a scallop design as well as the upper end nearing the neck. A nice carved recess border,  gives way to a long slender neck with three raised rings before the pouring spout. This is a well carved and constructed horn in excellent condition. This exact horn is pictured and described in the book; Accoutrements Vol. 1 by James R. Johnston, on page 206.


Records show that Henry was born November 17, 1759 in Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island. At the age of 17 years old, he enlisted in the 1st Battalion of Rhode Island Troops, commanded by Colonel Christopher Greene on February 17, 1777. There are many records showing where he was on duty and his pay for each of the months he served. Henry was among the thousands of Continental troops that wintered with General George Washington at Camp Valley Forge from December, 1777 until June, 1778. He  served until January 28, 1780 and was discharged at Morristown, N.J.

He married Prudence Noyes who was from Stonington, Ct., on January 20, 1785 and together they had eight children.

Henry Thorn 1759 – 1850


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6 Responses to Henry Thorn’s Horn – 1779

  1. Becky says:

    Henry was my GGGG grandfather. After the war he became a Methodist minister and moved to Bedford County, PA where he was a circuit rider. He married Elizabeth Pretsman/Pretzman and they had 8 children, two of them were ministers like their father. Henry is buried at the Horn Chuch, in the Pleasantville/Fishertown area of Bedford County. Somewhere along the line the Horn family started spelling their name Horn. Henry’s grandson Joseph was the founder of Horne’s Department Store based in Pittsburgh.

  2. Becky says:

    Ugh, my spelling is horrible. The Horns started spelling their name Horne somewhere along the way. Also, he’s buried at Horn Church, not Chuch. 🙂

    • Rich says:

      Becky, thank you for the information about Henry. I will include what you sent me in his “story”. I love to write down as much information on each of my horn’s owners as I can find….to tell their story. Thanks, and if you have more of his back ground information, I would love to have it..Rich

  3. jessica_horne says:

    I’m jessica horne. I live in chambersburg and am seeking information about my family from bedford, pa.
    My grandfather was Clair Earl Horne. He married Vivian Eller and they have one son, my father, Ronald. It has recently been brought to my attention that Clair ‘ s name may actually be Earl. His parents were Raymond and Vistula (Miller).
    Siblings Francis, John, Goldie, and Lena.
    I know very little. Anything helps.


    Thank you

  4. CreekSong says:

    Thank you for posting the wonderful pictures of Henry’s Horn, and your research.

    I too am a descendant of Henry Horn, and have some very interesting history to share. I have never seen a middle initial of “T.” used with his name, however. Please contact me at admin@HeritageRamblings.net.


    • Rich says:

      Sorry for not responding sooner..I haven’t had the chance to read my messages for a while. I got most of my information from another viewer named Becky Perigo.. If you have more information on Henry, I would be happy to receive it. I plan to write a story of each of my horns owners with as much information that I can gather for each like a biography of the owner and their military experience, etc. Please respond to my personal email; rn46@comcast.net. Thank you for your interest….Rich Nardi

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