Wakizashi – Yokoyama Kozuke Daijō Fujiwara Sukesada – 1661

This sword is absolutely beautiful, in full polish and displaying a large, wide Gunome temper line. It is mounted in Shirasaya with sayagaki. It has a 21 inch blade and an ubu  nakago, signed on both sides; Yokoyama Kozuke Daijō Fujiwara Sukesada. Translation; Sword made by the smith Sukesada from the Fujiwara clan with the title of Kozuke Daijō from Yokoyama.  The other side reads; Bishu Osafune ju . The Blade was made by the smith while living (ju) in the town of Osafune in the province of Bizen (Bishu).DSCN0026 Bizen_Katana_18th_Century_04 Bizen_Katana_18th_Century_06 Bizen_Katana_18th_Century_11 Bizen_Katana_18th_Century_12 Bizen_Katana_18th_Century_13 Bizen_Katana_18th_Century_15

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