Kanabo Masatsugu – Muromachi Period – Genki -1573 – 1592

This sword is the work of second generation Masatsugu from the Kanabo school. He was rated Wazamono; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wazamono, and his swords were highly prized by the Samurai of the Sengoko Era of constant warfare because of their superior strength and cutting ability. His swords were made for intense combat and based on their survival rate they proved to be worthy. He made a Jumonji Yari for the famous Buddhist monk,Hōzōin In’ei,  head of the Hōzōin temple, and guardian of all the temples of Nara, who founded a school of Sōjutsu called Hōzōin-ryū. This blade exhibited here has a cutting edge of 25.5 inches and nice curve ( sori ). The blade is in excellent condition, showing a clean old polish and much activity in the hamon. Accompanying this sword is a Certificate by Kobayashi Yukinobu of Juho-Token-Kenkyukai, (the Former Executive director of NBTHK).



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