Ketland & Co. Flintlock Horse pistol – 1760 -1775

This is a rare Early Pre American Revolutionary War Colonial Military Flintlock Horse Pistol by; Ketland & Co., circa. late 1760’s – 1775. It has a 10 1/8″, 60 cal. round iron barrel struck w/(2) early PROOFS on the left side of the breech. All furniture is brass, including a flat side plate in the form of the British Military 2nd Model Short Land Pattern Brown Bess Service Musket. The original flint  round faced lock is maker signed,  ‘Ketland & Co.’. This example may have been part of a larger number of similar pistols made for Militia Officers just before the American Revolution. It is known that the Ketland gun makers had rather unique relationships set up in the Colonies with offices in Birmingham, London, Philadelphia, Maryland and New York City as well as trading post establishments throughout New England like the Hudson Bay Colony.

ketland_pistol1 ketland_pistol2

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