Karuta Gusoku Armor


This is a complete suit of armor that was worn by a Japanese Samurai warrior hundreds of years ago. The helmet is original to the set. The armor is made of cloth, chain mail and many rectangular plates. The original storage box is under the armor stand. A good explanation of what type of armor this is and who would have worn it into battle follows;

Japanese chain mail armor or kusari gusoku is a form of folding tatami’ armor. Japanese chain mail was worn by the samurai class of Japan, their retainers and foot soldiers. Japanse chain armor is different than traditional Japanese or samurai armor which uses chain mail in its construction but chain mail is not the majority of the defensive material used. Japanese chain mail armor consists primarily of chain mail sewn to cloth (and sometimes leather) and is worn as a type of defensive clothing. Small amounts of armor plates can be attached to the chain mail armor in certain areas but the majority of the defensive material will be chain mail. Small square or rectangle iron or leather armor plates “karuta” and or Hexagon armor plates “kikko” can be sewn to the fabric of chain “kusari” garments, the kikko can be exposed or hidden between layers of cloth. Kikko can be made from iron,or hardened leather and can be most often seen hidden in the collars of chain jackets “kusari katabira”.

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