Wakizashi – Shinto Period with Goto Mounts

This is a Shinto period blade with a 16 inch cutting edge in flawless condition. It is mumei and has not been shortened. The hamon is a very flamboyant, erratically wavy line extending to the mid point of the blades width in many areas. There is a lot of activity in the blade itself. The menuki are superb main line Goto pieces in shakudo and gold and in excellent shape. The fuchi and kashira are shakudo with an etched mon in the kashira. The handle wrap is a very high grade formal cotton wrap in excellent condition. The tsuba is a very attractive gold inlaid iron with a depiction of a young boy. The black saya is in tact with a high grade black lacquer but missing some of the horn pieces ( restorable ).

DSCN0179 DSCN0181 DSCN0180 DSCN0182 DSCN0183 DSCN0184 DSCN0185 DSCN0187 DSCN0186 DSCN0192 DSCN0193 DSCN0190 DSCN0189 DSCN0188

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