New York French & Indian War Horn, dated 1758

This is a beautifully carved New York French & Indian War horn. It was professionally carved, showing the British Coat of Arms, a bold NEW YORK 1758 and a wonderful full view of : The harbor, windmill,  fortifications, buildings and ships. Today this area is known as Battery Park. A 1660 map found online of “New Amsterdam, in Nieuw Neederlandt”, courtesy of Rootsweb, shows a similar scene of New York in 1758. The map, available here, shows the fort as well as the location of the windmill. Interestingly, today the windmill is still the central part of the seal of The City New York.







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  1. jran says:

    Great horn. It was interesting to see that the windmill in the 1660 map of NY is still standing in 1758, almost a hundred years later.

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