American Indian snake horn – Early 1800’s

This is an American Indian horn which came to me from a collector in central Florida. It was made by a Native American from the Seminole,  Apalachee or Creek tribe.  The horn has a raised carved snake encircling the entire horn from the bottom to the top of the neck. The tip is multi ring carved and the inside is threaded for  a measuring cup or powder measure which is screwed into the neck of the horn (like a screw tip horn). The strap is a colorful homespun piece. The horn measures 20 inches along the outside curve ( not including the screw in top ). The base is 3 1/4 inches in diameter and shows that the wood plug was painted 3 -4 times during its use with with a aqua, red and grey colored paint.. The base plug is fastened to the horn with 10 nails or brads.



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