Colt Cased 1849 Pocket Revolver

This original cased Colt has all matching serial numbers – 118568 and all of the cylinder scene is clear and visible. The serial number indicates a manufacturing date in the mid 1850’s. It is 31 caliber and has a 4″ octagonal barrel, two-line New York address, silver plated back strap and trigger guard. It has the original walnut grips and original mahogany case with accessories.

Condition: All metal is grey with some light pitting, but overall very sharp and crisp. Grips with some nicks and dings. Case lid on the inside has a tear to the lining. Original lining is dirty, proper eagle flask with stars has no varnish and has a couple of small dents. Correct mold without spruce cutter, loading tool and key for lock. Outside of case has some nicks and dings.

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