Katana by Yoshitsugu – 1661 – 1681, YOS936 ( Hawleys )

This is a beautiful long, slim blade with a deep curve. The hamon is a beautiful Choji or Gunome Midare. The tang is signed ” Higo no Kami Hojoji Tachibana Yoshitsugu “. This Smith is listed in Hawleys, YOS396, as having worked in 1661 – 1681. He is rated 80 points. Yoshitsugu worked in the Satsuma province and was taught the art of sword making by Kunimasa of the Hojoji school. The sword measures; 26 5/8″ cutting edge, with a 7 7/8” tang and is in good polish with no flaws. It is housed in an old shira saya.

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