Katana – Kagemitsu – Muromachi Era – 1415

This sword was made by Kagemitsu of Bizen Province. It has beautiful mounts ( koshirae ) with silver menuki, fuchi and kashira and a lovely red & black lacquered saya. The blade is in new polish and is signed on both sides of the ubu nakago; Bishu Osafune no Jyu Kagemitsu, Ouei 22 nen 2 gatsubi ( Feb.1415 ). The blade has a groove the full length on both sides and measures 26.9 inches along the cutting edge as well as a 2.3cm Sori. The hamon is a Gunome-choji with koashi, kinsuji and sunagashi. The hamon is bright with soft, deep, Nie and Nioi . The Jigane; strong Itame and mokume hada with utsuri and chikei. The Boshi is Komaru and the Jigane is a strong Itame hada and Mokume hada. There is utsuri and chikei in the Jigane.

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