Model 1774 French Charleyville Musket

This piece is a French model 1774 Charleyville musket and was modified by an American soldier during it’s use in the Revolutionary war. The barrel bands were removed from the stock and a piece of wood was added to the forestock and the barrel was then pin fastened. The comb of the stock was shaved down to help facilitate aiming for one of the users of this musket. It has a 44 & 1/2″ barrel, marked DV76. Inside the original flintlock are the initials; LM and on the side plate are N S. The lock is clearly marked ” Charleyville “. There are initals on the right side of the butt ” BF” and next to that is a circle brand. On the left side of the butt there are another set of initials inscribed, “TB”. This musket was obviously used by more than one patriot throughout the war and it is still ready to take a load of powder and be used again.



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