French Flintlock Pistol by Dauphine Bergerac.

This is a nice raised carved pistol with a .60 caliber bore , 6.5″ cannon style barrel, lockplate marked Dauphine Bergerac in two lines, ca 1770. Iron furniture, triggerguard with acorn finial with raised carving around furniture. Walnut stock with raised carving behind the barrel tang also..

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2 Responses to French Flintlock Pistol by Dauphine Bergerac.

  1. Rocky says:

    I am trying to help an elderly neighbor determine the value of a Dauphine similar to the one posted, however my expertise in firearms is from WW1 to present. does anyone have an approx. value for the pistol posted

  2. Rich says:

    Rocky, I will send you an email .

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