The Jacob Kugler Horn – Rev. War


The Jacob Kugler horn has some nice carving and lettering, exhibiting a nice untouched patina with a light amber color. It looks like there was more carving below the name, possibly a place and date, but it was on the wear side and is no longer visible.  The throat of the horn is carved in an open fish mouth design very similar to the Tansel school of carvers. Jacob Kugler, a member of the Pennsylvania Bucks County militia during the Revolutionary War, carved this horn . Jacob migrated to Ohio after the war and his family acquired a paper mill established in Loveland Ohio by John Smith in 1810. It later became the Kugler Mill and is still in operation today. This horn came from a member of the family. It measures 16 inches along the outside curve and has a 3 inch diameter butt plug which is attached to the horn with brass nails.DSCN0462DSCN0463DSCN0464DSCN0465DSCN0460

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