English Officers Pistol – French & Indian War period, by GRIFFIN

This pistol was made by Griffin of London and is of the 1750’s period. The 8″ barrel has  Griffin’s  name and proof mark plus 2 English proofs.  The brass furniture is engraved with a floral pattern on the butt cap and a snowflake pattern on the trigger guard.  It’s still in it’s original flintlock configuration and hasn’t been fooled with in any way. The stock is in good shape except for a small period chip on the bottom of the left grip.  It exhibit’s a period repair to a crack at the wrist, using hand made squire head nails. The fact that this was done during it’s period of use does add some charm to the gun. A good French & Indian War gun. I wanted to post about this gun because it looks a lot like one that uses one of my favorite League of Legends character, League is a videogame I usually tend to play a lot and like to get elo boosting services from www.elitist-gaming.com


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