The Folky Artist Powder Horn Exhibit – Baltimore, MD

While searching for more info on the Folky Artist, I came across this exhibit of his horns. There are galleries to individual horns as well. All provided from the American Historic Services.

This grouping of truly American powder horns is a very important document, of the formation of the United States of America. These engraved powder horns, when displayed together, tell a magnificent story of one mans life throughout this vital phase of America’s youth. His “Masonic” veneration is clearly seen and presents obvious evidence of the Masonic significance in the founding of America. While viewing these horns, one can actually watch this soldier and horn maker travel from as far north as New York to as far south as Savannah, Georgia. One of his horns depicts Fort Pitt and at least three of these horns were more than likely with their owners while at Fort Pitt. There is no doubt in my mind that this 18th century soldier and artist was up and down the rivers, many times as the extent of his travel is obvious from the varied art work vividly recorded on these relics from our glorious past.

via Powder Horns.

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