A Pair of 18th Century Pistols by I. Christoph Kuchenreuter

These pistols have nicely blued 9 & 3/4 inch octagon barrels with silver engraved names across the flat of the barrel; ” I. CHRISTOPH KUCHENREITER “. This is Johann Christoph Kuchenreiter. Iohann Christoph Kuchenreiter Steinweg bei Regensburg Baye ca. 1670 – 1743. Son of George Kuchenreiter from Lichtenech

First married to the widow of Tomas wilfing second wife in 1705 Catarina, daughter of locksmith Alberti Schreiber. She gave him 2 sons: Johann Jacob in 1709 and Joseph in1712.

Each pistol has the appropriate gold stamp of the makers mark on the barrel and each is numbered, 1 & 2. The stocks are beautifully relief carved all over and mounted in either brass or bronze; ( they look so bright like gold ).


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