British 2ND Model Brown Bess Musket & Bayonet

This is a second model Brown Bess which was evidently used and modified by an American soldier during the Revolution. The comb of the stock has been shaved to better fit the “shooter’s” preference. The barrel was originally 42″ long but due to wear at the muzzle, now measures 41″. It has an early Tower/GR original flintlock with the one screw showing at the rear of the hammer. According to George Neumann’s   published works,  this is a musket from the 1764 – 1777 period. The piece has it’s original ramrod and bayonet. There are some figures or symbols carved into the butt stock, but I can not make out their meaning. It measures 57″ total length. The bayonet has the proper markings as shown in the photographs below.



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