Wakizashi – Sadayuki – 1658-1681, Kantei-sho papers

This sword is housed in shirasaya and is freshly polished. It’s original family mounts from the early Edo period accompany the sword as well as the silk storage bag. The blade is signed on the tang; Yamato Daijo Fujiwara Sadayuki. He is listed in Hawleys, SAD878 as the 2nd generation working in 1658-1681, Bungo Province, Takada school.. The blade is in excellent polish with a straight ( suguha ) hamon and has a cutting edge of 22.5 inches         ( 57.1cm ). Kantei-sho papers came with the sword verifying the signature as genuine and the sword as important work.

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sadayuki5 sadayuki4 sadayuki3 sadayuki2 sadayuki1

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