Wakizashi – Minamoto Kuni Yoshi

This wakizashi is stored in a beautifully carved shira saya and is signed by the maker; Minamoto Kuni Yoshi. The blade is very unique as it has two sides finished completely different from one another. One side of the blade, mei side, has 1 Wide and 1 narrow long groove the entire length of the blade. The other side has two short grooves, 1 wide and 1 narrow and a sanscrit character in the middle of the blade. The hamon has wide billowing semi-circles with a lot of activity. Each side of the blade displays different kissaki as well as blade surface construction This may be a result of a sword smith contest or sample of his sword making techniques.The blade length along the cutting edge is 16 inches.  More research on the history of the blade will follow.


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