Wakizashi – Fuji Shima with Nippon-to Kantei-sho Papers

This is a Tensho period wakizashi ( 1573 ) with a slightly wavey suguha hamon.The blade has been awarded Nippon-to Kantei-sho papers listing the sword smith as; Fuji Shima  of Kaga province which today is called Ishikawa. Mounts are wicker style black saya with kodzuka pocket containing a kodzuka with Budhist septor and dragon design. The tsuba is open work with flowers and birds and the menuki are Budhist septors. The fuchi and kashira are speckled gold color. The blade is 16 inches along the cutting edge and has a wood grain hada. Each side of the blade has horimono one of a short wide groove, the other side with two short narrow grooves. It is in new polish. Listed in Hawley’s as FUJ27, 15 points.  Fujishima not Masanao page1Fujishima not Masanao page2

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