Wakizashi – Signed Taira Kagemori, with nice mounts.

This blade has a beautiful Gunomi midare hamon and the tang shows that it has been shortened an inch or so during it’s lifetime. When shortened,  part of the last character of the signature is gone, but it is still identifiable as; Taira Kagemori, Bungo province, Eiroku period (1558-1570) and listed in Hawleys as KAG 84.  The blade has some light rust but displays a strong hamon with a lot of activity. The cutting edge is 15 inches long and it is housed in a black ribbed  saya with nice  matching kurikata,  tsuba ,  fuchi & kashira and a gold foiled habaki.

DSCN0297 DSCN0298 DSCN0304 DSCN0303 DSCN0301 DSCN0300 DSCN0299 DSCN0309 DSCN0308 DSCN0307 DSCN0306 DSCN0305

DSCN0197 DSCN0200 DSCN0201 DSCN0208 DSCN0210 DSCN0202 DSCN0203 DSCN0206 DSCN0207DSCN0198 DSCN0199

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