James Shaw – 1755 – Turtle Crik

A print from Robert Griffing – Please see his site linked here.

Robert Griffing’s painting “The Wounding of Braddock”


James Shaw – 1755 – Turtle Crik

A nice map horn of the Pennsylvania area right up to Montreal Canada. It shows the Great Meadow, and a bridge near Fort Duquesne. Carved there is, “Genl Braddock and his troops slayed here.”

All of the forts have French flags and many are shown with lakes, roads, rivers, etc. I can find most of the names carved on old maps and in books. Some of the names are Indian or slang, but several experts, state they are correct and accurate.

The horn came from Rocky Gardiner’s estate after he passed away. I purchased this and the Welsh horn from his widow, Avis. Rocky also was the dealer who purchased the De Vere Card Collection in 1978. He, along with Card are listed in Grancey’s book on pages 85 & 86 . Their horns, owned at the time are also listed in the book. The horn measures 17″ long and still retains the extended lobe at the butt end for the carrying strap..




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