German Flintlock Jaeger Rifle

This is an early rifle dating to the mid 18th century. Even though it is a German Hunting rifle, this style of weapon was common among soldiers, foreign and domestic,  during the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars.

Another notable fact about these German rifles is that they were the predecessors of the Kentucky Rifle and that’s why I have it categorized here . This is a fine piece and I was happy to add this to my collection. A detailed description follows;

Rifled,  .82 caliber. 34″ flared octagonal barrel, with two-leaf folding rear notched sight, front brass blade sight. Early flat style lockplate engraved with vines and leaves and a knight. Double-set triggers, brass furniture. Nice carved wood stock with sliding wood patch box. Molding around the cheek piece and bottom of stock from toe to trigger guard. Rear tang sight.

Condition: Barrel and lock are a nice dark brown mixed with some pitting. Stock has some nicks and dings with nice patina. It is,  overall, in fine original condition.




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